How To Style Upcycled Furniture

by | Mar 5, 2024

Upcycling furniture is not only a sustainable way to furnish your home, but it offers endless opportunities for creativity and personal expression.

Here are some tips to help you style painted furniture:

Choose a Theme: Decide on a theme for your old furniture or style that you want to achieve with your upcycled furniture. This will help guide your choices for colours, patterns, and decorative items such as handle and drawer knob colour and style.

Mix and Match: Don’t be afraid to mix different styles like Moroccan patterns and geometrics with eras such as old charm wardrobes and crown AY London beautiful vintage bedroom furniture. Incorporating a variety of elements can give your space a unique and eclectic look.  Keeping it individual to your taste and one-of-a-kind designed painted and recycled furniture.

Accessorize: Add timeless decorative items such as velvet pink cushions, ethnic rugs, soft chunky knit throws, and bright artwork to complement your upcycled furniture pieces and tie the room together.  Play with bright colours from the Fusion Mineral Paint range such as Tuscan Orange and Coral with subtle calming colours such as Brook and Champness.

An image of an orange vanity desk with a matching stool

Creating a Cohesive Furniture Look

Consider the colour scheme of the room when styling your upcycled furniture. You can either match the colours or create a contrasting effect for a bold statement.  You might choose to have your old charm wardrobe painted in coal black with gold hardware against a stark white wall to for a monochrome theme or you may prefer manor green and copper hardware against a mustard wall in your home.   Anything goes.  Nothing is right, and nothing is wrong when it comes to designing your home.

Have you ever heard of denim-washed wardrobes?  Well I have brought them to life as you can see here.  These stunning Old Charm wardrobes have been given a make over of a life time.  The exciting part is that you can choose any colours to create this look.

An image of a pair of wardrobes with blue denim-wash.

Tips For Styling Your Furniture

Balance: Make sure to balance the room by mixing different textures and shapes. This will create visual interest and harmony in the space.

Personalise: Add personal touches such as photos, plants, or other sentimental items to make the space feel like your own.

Lighting: Proper lighting can enhance the look of your upcycled furniture. Consider using a mix of overhead lighting, floor lamps, and table lamps to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Upcycled Decor: Consider incorporating other upcycled or repurposed items into your decor to create a cohesive look throughout the room.

If you have started with 1 piece of refurbished furniture in your home, don’t stop there. This is the new habit of a lifetime!  Its slightly addictive and gives you pleasure to feel you have saved the furniture from landfill plus its much better quality than you can buy nowadays.

An image of a cabinet with grey and white paint and a brown wooden shelf.

What Furniture Pieces Can Be Upcycled?

Remember, the key to styling upcycled furniture is to have fun and let your creativity shine. Mix and match different elements to create a space that truly reflects your personality and style.

There are so many types of furniture that can be upcycled, depending on your creativity and skill level.

Here are some common furniture pieces that can be upcycled and to save time and mess you would benefit from using a professional like Wood n Brush Co.

Kitchen Furniture

Wooden Chairs and Tables: Old wooden chairs and tables can be sanded, painted, or stained to give them a fresh look.  They are slightly more complex than painting a wardrobe or chest of drawers because of the nooks and crannies but the after effect is well worth it.

Wood n Brush Co uses Fusion Mineral Paint which is a 3 in 1 paint.  This means it has a built in primer, is self-levelling and has a top coat and we use a spray top coat on chairs for extra durability.

Table tops have many options for the refinish.  Solid oak is best left to shine the wood grain through and using a stain and finishing oil in a range of colours or a solid paint colour with a drybrush to two tone the wood grain also looks WOW and you would never think a dull dark brown table ever existed below the gorgeous paint.

An image of a solid oak wooden table.

Living Room & Bedroom Furniture

Dressers and Chests: Give new life to an old dresser or chest of drawers by painting it, adding new hardware, or applying decoupage and stencil patterns on the surface.

Cabinets and Sideboards: Upcycle cabinets and sideboards by painting them, adding new knobs or handles, or even removing doors for an open shelving look.

Desks: You can upcycle an old desk by refinishing the surface, adding storage compartments, or giving it a unique paint job.

Bookcases and Shelves: Transform old bookcases or shelves by painting them, adding wallpaper or fabric to the back, or incorporating additional storage options like baskets or crates.

An image of a wooden bookcase which has been painted in a dark red colour with white flower accents.

Headboards and Bed Frames: Update the look of your bed by upcycling the headboard or bed frame. You can repaint them, add new upholstery, or repurpose them into a bench or seating area.

Couches and Chairs: With the right skills, you can upcycle old couches and chairs by reupholstering them with new fabric, replacing the foam, or adding new legs for a different look.

An image of a blue chest of drawers. It has gold bumblebee knobs and a white pattern on the front.

Benches and Stools: Old benches or stools can be transformed with a coat of paint, reupholstering the seat or adding new cushions.

Furniture Upcycling With Wood n Brush Co

Remember, the possibilities for upcycling old furniture are endless. As long as the structure is sturdy, Wood n Brush Co can upcycle and redesign almost any furniture piece to give it a fresh and unique look.

Our Top FAQs

Can I Bespoke My Order?

At Wood n Brush Co, we are more than just a furniture painting company – we specialise in sourcing and designing unique pieces tailored specifically to your preferences. Whether you have a particular furniture piece in mind or are unsure of what you need, we are here to fulfil your vision.

Simply provide us with photos of the room you want to decorate and any design inspirations you have in mind. By doing so, we can better understand your style and handpick the ideal furniture piece to customise just for you.

You can choose from a fabulous range of colours from the Fusion Mineral Paint range and if you need a colour match of a certain other brand of paint like Farrow & Ball we can still use that if you prefer.

You may like a pattern on the drawers or some metallic leaf-distressing details.  Whatever you envisage, we can create for you.

If we don’t have what you are looking for on our website let us know we can get any pattern and handles in stock for you.

We recently created this one-off boat bookcase with a nautical theme for a coffee shop on a lake in the local Leicestershire area.

An image of a bookcase in the shape of a boat. It is full of books, blankets and board games.

What Aesthetics Can Upcycled Furniture Fit?

Preloved furniture can fit a variety of aesthetics depending on the style of the piece and how it is upcycled. Here are some popular aesthetics that redesigned furniture can fit:

Rustic and Farmhouse: Wooden furniture pieces upcycled with a distressed look can fit a rustic or farmhouse-style aesthetic. Adding elements like wire baskets or metal accents can enhance this style.

A shelf unit with a black painted back and white painted shelves.

Bohemian: Upcycled furniture can fit a bohemian aesthetic by incorporating bright colours, global patterns, and soft fabrics like crochet or macrame.

An image of an orange storage table with golden trim.

Mid-Century Modern: Stag Minstrel Furniture pieces upcycled with clean lines and retro colours can fit a mid-century modern aesthetic. Adding elements like bold geometric patterns or tapered legs can enhance this style.

An image of a stag minstrel cabinet. It has been painted mustard yellow.

Industrial: Metal or wood furniture pieces upcycled with a raw and edgy look can fit an industrial aesthetic. Adding elements like pipe or wire accents can enhance this style.

Shabby Chic: Furniture pieces upcycled with a distressed and feminine look can fit a shabby chic aesthetic. Adding elements like lace, floral fabrics, or curved lines can enhance this style.

A set of two bedside tables and a wooden headboard. They have all been painted with a white wash of paint.

Minimalist: Furniture pieces upcycled with clean and simple lines can fit a minimalist aesthetic. Choosing a neutral colour palette and reducing unnecessary elements can enhance this style.  The Ikea Hemnes range is a perfect style to be painted as it has smooth, sleek lines and raised legs.

An image of an IKEA Hemnes chest of drawers which has been renovated with a blue paint and gold knobs and stencils.

In conclusion, upcycled furniture offers boundless possibilities for infusing your personal touch into your living space. The examples mentioned earlier demonstrate that with the right dose of creativity and careful execution, upcycled furniture can effortlessly complement any aesthetic.

The true beauty of upcycling lies in its ability to not only contribute to a sustainable lifestyle but also in its power to transform your surroundings into a haven that is an authentic reflection of your personality and style. So, unleash your imagination, embrace the charm of upcycled furniture, and design a space that is truly unique to you.

If you are looking for upcycled furniture that fits your personal style, Wood n Brush Co is exactly who you need!


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